There is no denying that Brazil today is an important destination when the theme is sport. The achievements of national teams in world competitions, led Brazil to host the World Military Games in 2011, the Confederations Cup 2013, World Cup 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, besides the World Championships in various modalities that support the expectation of a very expressive heated demand in this area. However, when we talk about sport and especially of high performance sport, we know that small details matter a lot. The difference between gold and not having the chance to get on the podium, are milliseconds. Today&39;s athletes know that it takes much more than a simple pair of shoes, a cotton shirt, and two sticks of snack to get there.  
Nutritional supplements are part of the daily lives of the athletes as well as a good nutritional and balanced diet. They are part and make a difference in your performance, in your rest and in your recovery for the next workout and / or competition. 
To guarantee this update in Sports Nutrition and stimulate business, the ExpoNutrition is the ideal event for your company to invest in, because the expo brings together leading manufacturers, importers and distributors of vitamin and mineral supplements, Protein, Isotonic, Energy and Diet Food, Light and Organic.
The purpose of the ExpoNutrition is to be a tool for business, retraining and updating of what is most modern, contributing to the growth and evolution of the sports nutrition market in Brazil.